hamilton self storage units for rent

What size of unit do I need?

We offer a wide variety of Hamilton self storage units to help you deal with moving to a new house, apartment or office, clutter at home or with your business, or to help you take care of unexpected storage needs. Visit the Hamilton or St. Catharines location page for a full selection of units.

This size unit is suitable for up to 30 boxes.
This size unit is suitable for all contents from a a bachelor or small one bedroom apartment
This size unit suitable for all contents from two bedroom apartment.

This size unit is suitable for all contents from a five bedroom house.

Storage Tips

It’s a good idea to pack boxes completely full. Fill any gaps in boxes with newspaper or cloth to ensure that they won’t tip or collapse while in storage, especially if boxes contain glassware or dishes.

Place small items into larger boxes and stack to utilize full storage unit. Make sure you place tape along all 6 seams of your storage boxes to keep your belongings properly protected.

Dismantle furniture and protect with shrink-wrap to avoid scratching when placed in storage. Protect fabrics and carpets by wrapping them in plastic. Make sure the contents of your storage unit are insured through your current insurance plan, and if not, consider contents insurance.