You need more room
Why use a self storage facility? Self storage is a cheap and easy way to reduce clutter in your home and to store personal items. Self storage units in secured and monitored storage facilities give you peace of mind in knowing your belongings are safely locked away.

You want to clear out a room in your house
If you have a different vision for a certain room in your house, there’s no reason why your belongings should cramp your style. They can easily be packed and stored in a secure storage unit so you can turn your college-aged kid’s bedroom into a guest room or a den.

You’re downsizing
You may be moving into a smaller home, but don’t want to part with possessions that won’t fit into it. They will be safe in self storage while you enjoy a smaller, less cluttered space.

You are leaving town for a while
Whether you are traveling or moving away for work for an extended period of time, self storage lockers are the perfect low-cost solution to storing your furniture and belongings until you are settled again.

You’re moving and need temporary storage
Moving into a new home can be a stressful time. To cut down on clutter so you can tackle unpacking and designing at a slower and more comfortable pace, you can store furniture and other goods until you are ready with a space for them in your new home.

You’re home from college/university for the summer
The belongings furniture and belongings you bought for your student house or dorm room probably need a safe storage space for the summer. Econo Storage Hamilton can store your belongings while you return to your family for the summer months.

Your garage is full or you don’t have one
An Econo Storage self storage unit is like a garage, except it’s completely secured and only accessible to you. You can store your BBQ, your summer patio furniture, your gardening tools, and any other items that would otherwise end up in a garage. This way you know your belongings won’t be ruined or left outside during a long Canadian winter.

You need a space for seasonal items
Christmas decorations? Swimming pool accessories? Heavy winter clothing? Skis and toboggans? A self storage unit is a quick and easy way to store these items until you need them again next year!

You need to clear space during a renovation
A home project takes up space as it is – make sure your belongings are out of the way and safe from paint or damage while renovations and decorating are being done. With a self-storage unit, you can keep your items out of the way for as long as you need.

You want your belongings to be safely stored
The Econo Storage facility is secured, and your unit is only accessible to you. Our premises is equipped with security cameras to ensure the facility is monitored at all times. Still not sure why use a self storage facility? Contact us for more details!