7 Ways To De-Clutter

1. Make A List

7 ways to de-clutterThis is the first of 7 ways to de-clutter! Making lists and checking things off is a proven method of staying on track and de-stressing. Making a list can help to de-clutter your mind—and your space!

Check and see if your list is up to par with Forbes Five Best To-Do List Tips.

2. Get Rid Of The Junk

Throw out the things you don’t need! We all have a few trinkets lying around the house that are just there to take up space, but we have a difficult time parting with them. It’s time to let go – get rid of the things you no longer need!

3. Donate

If your home is feeling cluttered, donating may be the better option. There are many local charities and organizations that accept all kinds of donations – clothes, household items, old books, old electronics, etc. Some local charity options could be Value Village and the Salvation Army.

4. Make Some Money!

7 ways to de-clutter and make money If you feel as though your trinkets and old valuables are worth much more than a free donation, there are stores that will gladly (if they like them) take your items in exchange for cash. Selling items online is always an option via Kijiji or Craigslist.

5. Organize

Organization is an excellent, if not the best way to stay on track and get things done properly and efficiently. Organization is also the most beneficial way to de-clutter your junk around the house in the smart way! Be sure to organize your items in a system you’ll be able to navigate quickly and easily. Try something like the Four-Box Method!

6. Storage

Limited on places to store clothing, furniture or family heirlooms? Are they just taking up space, cluttering up the spare bedroom or the garage? Putting them into storage is a great option. There are several Hamilton storage unit rental companies such as Econo Storage and U-Haul that offer these types of services for all kinds of different sized items.

7. Hidden Storagehidden storage bins econo storage

Maximizing your space can often be a great way to organize and hide your junk! Maybe a bed frame with drawers built in for some blankets or seasonal clothing? Or maybe large, low-height storage boxes that could nicely fit tucked under a bed. Modern furniture has also created coffee tables, small benches, and end tables with storage space built right in. These are 7 great ways to de-clutter, stay organized, and still look chic!